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Our owner: Jeff Wass

Jeff began his time as a professional trainer in 2008. Before that he has always been a student how the body moves and understanding and studying different types of training methodologies. After years of sport (NCAA) and learning about mental toughness through years of military training (USMC), he implemented a new and unique style of training at a local gym. He studied many variations of fitness and learned the key ingredients to a workout regimen that would challenge you mentally, physically as well as scalable for all levels.

 After instructing both personal training and small group classes, he found where he could excel and went off on his own and started The Hurt Locker in late 2014.


Not of a mindset to settle, Jeff realized there was an opportunity in Clarence to bring another form of fitness to the area – Hot Yoga. Continuing with the desire to bring fitness to everyone, in a non-boring way, he pursued Hot Flow Yoga with a Vinyasa style. Your body is always in motion. You have the ability, for one hour, to check your laundry list of “to do’s” at the door, and focus on you, your breath and your movements.

As time went by, and wanting to provide the best service possible to his athletes and members, the latest business to open its doors is The Recovery Locker. In this space, there is a stretching area, ice bath, and infrared saunas.

The Locker is a family of brands, we focus on making our members stronger, both mentally and physically.

What we do

OUR Services

The Hurt Locker
60-minute functional fitness classes that integrate accessory movements, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, gymnastic movements, and cardio into a fun and effective workout. We pride ourselves on the ability to properly scale workouts for all individuals while building a strong community of like-minded members.
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The Heat Locker
A 60-minute hot yoga class that focuses on vinyasa flow. Our studio is heated to around 90 degrees, which is meant to warm up and loosen your muscles for the greatest impact. We aim to work not only your body, but your mind as well. Take that hour a few times a week for some peace and flow.
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The Recovery Locker
Stretching is imperative for any type of athlete. Whether you are a recreational athlete or want to perform at your peak. Taking care and recovering your muscles is a must. We provide a large open space to recover through a guided ROM WOD workout, or through your own routine. We also have memberships for our Infrared saunas, when you couple those treatments with an ice bath, your muscles will thank you.
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