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Benefits to Infrared Sauana

Improved Circulation

Your heart rate increases and blood vessels dilate, allowing oxygen to enter the cells of your body more efficiently.

Exercise Recovery

Infrared heating is extremely beneficial for muscle and joint pain.

Mood Improvement

Helps your body maintain healthy cortisol levels, relax, and de-stress.

Boosted Immune System

Get a jump on cold and flu season. These treatments can increase white blood cells, lymphocytes, and neutrophils.


Exercise Recovery

lower blood pressure

Younger Skin

Pain Relief

Circulatory System oxygenation

redefine your Recovery

Infrared Sauna

Our saunas use dry infrared heat; they are well ventilated and provide a comfortable and relaxing environment to recover. This therapy has been shown to help with weight loss, pain relief. It helps improve circulation and rejuvenation to your skin.

Ice Bath

Our ice bath fills up fast and provides great relief. You can either submerge just your legs or your full body. These baths help suppress inflammation and have been shown to help improve your immune system, aid sleep, and help improve your metabolism.


A benefit to all our members is our stretching section upstairs. Here you will find a large stretching area with bands, blocks, and rollers. We have a subscription to ROM WOD with a TV facing The Hurt Locker, where you can warm up until class starts, or run up for a quick stretching cool down.

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