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Stronger Together
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We combine movements in Olympic lifting,
Powerlifting, Gymnastics as well as other functional
approaches. In short, we are looking to add lean
muscle tissue and cut unwanted body fat.
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Vinyasa Yoga is about fluidity in your movements.
Creating a flow of sequences geared to opening
and strengthening your entire body. Our studio is
heated to 85-95 degrees.
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We provide a large open space to recover through
a guided ROM WOD workout, or through your own
routine. We also have memberships for our Infrared
saunas, when you couple those treatments with an
ice bath, your muscles will thank you.

Stronger Together

The Hurt Locker

Specializing in core strength and conditioning programs that will adapt to anyone’s strengths, weaknesses, or limitations.

Our Philosophy

We are stronger together. Working out in a community helps bring your fitness to the next level.
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The Heat Locker

Our practice is Vinyasa flow yoga. Whether you are a beginner or expert, we are here for you to breathe and flow.

Our Philosophy

Leave it on the mat. We are all busy and pulled in many directions. Spend an hour moving for you.
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The Recovery Locker

Proper recovery can be the catalyst for your health. We make it easy with all your needs in one location.

Our Philosophy

How you recover is just as important as how you train. Take the time to stretch, ice, and spend some time in our infrared sauna.
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What People are Saying


It is no secret we think The Locker is the place to go to build your mind, body, and fitness community. But don’t take our word for it, hear directly from our members.

What we do

Help our members reach their potential.

Creating a healthy lifestyle should not be boring. We provide structured variety. You know you’ll have the same flow of programming, but the workouts will never be duplicated. We welcome all ages and fitness levels.

All Levels of Experience Welcomed to Build A Community of Strength, Motivation and Success​

Motivating Community

To be a member of The Locker, it means you are part of a community that will guide you to your goals. Goals can be for a better lifestyle, body, flexibility, or mindset. We guide and lead you throughout our family of brands: The Hurt Locker, The Heat Locker, and The Recovery Locker.

Professional Instructors

They are all knowledgeable and experienced in their given field. We pride ourselves on only hiring friendly, approachable, and motivational instructors, to help push you to your potential.

Our Promise

As a company, we promise to add some spice and sarcasm to your fitness routine. With an ever-changing program and a variety of services, we keep your fitness and recovery on track.

Start Your Journey

Changing the way we view ourselves.

Strong, capable...a badass

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