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Vinyasa Yoga is about fluidity in your movements. Creating a flow of sequences geared to opening and strengthening your entire body.  Our studio is heated to 85-95 degrees.


Benefits of Hot Flow Yoga

Increases mental focus

Increases mental focus

It’s shown that as little as 20 minutes of yoga can help improve concentration and remember new things.

Helps in detoxifying your body

Helps in detoxifying your body

Practicing twists in our practice increases blood flow to our organs, allowing fresh, clean blood to enter.

Improves health of the lungs

Improves health of the lungs

As we flow through various poses, we focus on breathing techniques, breathing deeply, opening airways, and aerobic and anaerobic activity.

Decreases stress and keeps you calm

Decreases stress and keeps you calm

By focusing on your breath, holding your yoga pose and meditation throughout the class, helps to calm your mind and body.

Increases flexibility

Increases flexibility

It is shown by practicing yoga regularly, you achieve greater flexibility in your hamstrings, lower back, ankles, and spine. An additional benefit is the muscle strength gained along with endurance.

Helps with weight loss

Helps with weight loss

Hot Flow Yoga burns calories, which can help lead to weight loss. You move for an hour, hold poses, and sweat. In addition, building a healthy mindset helps gain control of emotional eating.

Yes, lifters, you need yoga too.

We hear it all the time, I lift, I don’t need yoga. We are here to tell you, adding yoga even once a week can add an amazing tool to an athlete’s toolbox.

Strength training has the tendency of shortening and tightening your muscle tissue. By adding in yoga, you flow through a range of poses that help facility your mobility and help decompress the tight areas of your body. A consistent yoga practice can help release tight muscles and encourage flexibility. This will lead to an increased range of motion and mobility throughout your strength training, helping reduce the risk of injury.

The benefit of flow yoga is the brain/muscle connection. By adding yoga, you will see an increased level of responsiveness, leading to a more fluid body movement and quicker reflexes.

Your muscles don’t grow during your training, they grow through the recovery process. Your weight training workouts add the needed strain on your body, where yoga focuses on relaxation and rehabilitation to facilitate the recovery process. By not following proper rehabilitation of your muscles may lead to an increased risk of injury.

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