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Amanda Muldoon

Amanda is a fun- loving goofball who likes to stay active. I love being outside and running, hiking, boating, and paddle boarding. I also really enjoy diving into a good book and learning as much as I can. 

She has 10 years of teaching experience, along with 2- 200 hour yoga certifications, one in vinyasa, one in Power, Kundalini yoga and SUP yoga

Her style of teaching is Power Yoga. Her favorite thing about teaching is being connected to people energetically and getting to share the space.

Her favorite Yoga pose is The Dancer. You’ll also find her in The Hurt Locker, where her favorite lift is the Clean.


About Taylor

I practiced yoga throughout college and into my first job. I used yoga as a form of exercise and stress reduction. Yoga transformed for me over the past few years and became a space where I could clear my mind and get grounded. In 2018 I joined a yoga teacher training program and started teaching right after graduation. Teaching has become an extension of my practice and I love all the people I get to share the practice with. Members can expect to get sweaty and stretchy. I like to get the class moving at the start and then wind down with deep stretching.

Taylor Moell


About Sandy

I’m Sandy and I want to share my love for Yoga with everybody. If I could literally open my chest and show you how passionate I am and how I feel every time I practice I would. But come to my class and I can just teach you and then you will understand! Expect to sweat, gain insights, and feel fulfilled after class.

Sandy Bloom


About Andrea

Growing up as a dancer, I liked to challenge myself and learn new ways to strengthen and stretch my body. I love trying new things on and off the mat. I hope to inspire and encourage others to be open minded to all the ways yoga can be beneficial both physically and emotionally.

Andrea Levine

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