The Heat Locker - Your Hot Yoga Studio

increase your flexibility while finding inner peace

We are a hot yoga studio, with our room being heated to around 90 degrees. Our style is Vinyasa where we focus on fluidity in your movements. Our instructors create a unique flow geared to opening and strengthening your entire body. Each class tends to start with a brief opening from our instructors, then you proceed to be walked through a flow of movements, with core work built-in. We are not a boot camp, but you will work hard and break a sweat. All levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.

one-hour Full Body & Mind workout

What you'll gain through your practice

Mental Focus

It’s shown that as little as 20 minutes of yoga can help improve focus and remember new things.


Practicing twists in our practice increases blood flow to our organs, allowing fresh, clean blood to enter.

Lung Health

As we flow through various poses, we focus on breathing techniques, breathing deeply, opening airways, and aerobic and anaerobic activity.


By focusing on your breath, holding your yoga pose and meditation throughout the class, helps to calm your mind and body. This helps decrease stress and keeps you at peace.


It is shown by practicing yoga regularly, you achieve greater flexibility in your hamstrings, lower back, ankles, and spine. An additional benefit is the muscle strength gained along with endurance.

Weight Loss

Hot Flow Yoga burns calories, which can help lead to weight loss. You move for an hour, hold poses, and sweat. Also, building a healthy mindset helps gain control of emotional eating.

What to expect

At your first class


We are located at 9992 Main Street.

Head Upstairs

Proceed through the doors and turn right, we are located on the 2nd floor.


meet instructor

When you get upstairs, you will see our instructor at the desk. They will be happy to sign you in and answer any questions you may have.

Lay down your mat

You can bring your own or rent one at the front desk. Find an open spot and either lay or sit down on your mat.


Our class is a flow-based practice, where you will be guided through one movement to the next. If you’ve never attended this type of class, let the instructor know when you arrive, and they will be sure to guide you along the way.



At the end of the day, what we want most is for you to be present in your practice. Life is crazy, you probably have a pile of dishes and a full plate to handle. But take this time, focus on being present, listen, and move.


All Levels Welcome

Start your practice today.